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I am Mark Whittington.


I'm from a small suburb called St Andrews which... Actually... Who the hell cares haha. I decided I wanted to share my next set of adventures because I feel that what I'm about to embark on is something that goes against the norm for a person of my age. I'm 28 years old, I am currently an assistant manager of a travel agency, I have a secure job and promising career. All my friends and family reside in Sydney where I grew up and where I currently live. You could say I have a life here now. And you could say it's quite, well, "Normal". 

And I am leaving it all to follow my gut and my heart.

I've always moved around within my life, from schools, jobs, states and countries. I have never been settled. I think that's where my restless tendencies come from, I'm always seeking something new and exciting. 


I've been doing a lot of research into different career paths as I need something less stagnant. I feel like all I'm doing with my life is watching it deteriorate into the depths of the screen I spend 9 hours a day staring into like a robot. At the end of each day I feel lost and unfulfilled. I rarely have new stories to tell and the amount of stress that I'm under is hardly worth the pay. 

For a long time I have been unhappy, lost and confused. I have tried to follow different career paths in my pursuit for happiness with the same outcome each time - bored and unhappy. I've made six figure salaries and I've worked for peanuts. I've done a lot in my adolescence and early adulthood, but for me, it still isn't enough.

I have always had a love for nature, the outdoors and the mountains. I have a passion for snowboarding and I am deeply in love with Winter. I have always wanted to live in the snow but never thought it would be possible for me because how would I make a decent living? But then I realised... I have never been happy in my pursuit for more money. Earning big pay checks and blowing it all on exorbitant costs of living. It's all pointless if you're always stressed. It's pointless if you aren't living your dream. And it's totally pointless if you're not happy!

So I'm out... I'm done with this chapter of my life... I'm too restless living here in Sydney amongst the rat race, the hoards of people commuting to their jobs with complete misery expressed on their faces as they watch their lives scroll past on their 4 1/2 inch screen. Fuck the pay and screw the "career", society is the bitch that tricked me into thinking I needed a good job. And tell me, what is a "good job"? Isn't that a personal opinion? Many people say Corporate or Medical careers are good jobs. But personally, I couldn't think of anything worse. Or is a good job defined by how much you make? Because in my eyes, if you're always thinking about how deep your pocket is, you'll always be poor.

So... I'm going to chase adventure. I'm going to live my life the way I want, not how I'm expected to. I'm not going to work for money, I'm going to work for happiness. I'm going to become a Seasonaire! 


And if you feel stuck, helpless or lost in YOUR pursuit for happiness, I hope my stories and videos help you make the bold move to follow your dreams, no matter what they are! 

And just note - This isn't going to be some generic travel blog. This is me expressing my thoughts and feelings in some hopeful attempt that I can make a change to someone's life. If you're looking for the "Top 10 travel tips" or the "Must Do's In blah blah" blog, the ones that saturate the internet these days, look elsewhere. I'm not a professional writer, I didn't even finish high school. I'm not some travel guru who knows everything about the world and I am definitely not someone that the general public would consider successful. 

What I am, is a guy that has an idea that he thinks is crazy enough to make a change in the world. I'm that "rough around the edges" kinda guy you see walking everywhere with earphones in. I'm that "don't give two fucks" kinda guy you see sitting at a bar by himself. I'm probably not someone you'd be proud to take home to your parents either hahaha. My biggest fan is my mum. My dog's name is Boi. I'm an average bloke, with extraordinary friends. I don't feel alive... Not just yet... but I'm living...


...This Restless Life.


Antonio Machado

"Traveler, there is no path. The path is made by walking."



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